We Are The Greenlese Family Nice To Meet You 

As a young girl I fell in love with wolves and my greatest wish was to raise a wolf cub. As my seventh birthday approached, I waited and wondered if my mother would get me the wolf, I asked her for. My gift was not a wolf but Aluesha, a Grey and White Standard coat husky and the tiny 8-week-old puppy stole my heart. With Aluesha I learned first-hand how remarkably gentle, loving and patient huskies are with children and we bonded as only a child and their first dog can. Our bond was the foundation on which my love and admiration for the breed grew.

My parents were also captivated by Aluesha. They felt that breeding Aluesha, who exemplified so many of the characteristics that have been cultivated in Siberian Huskies would improve the breed. Their desire to produce pups to elevate the breed did not abate with Aluesha’s passing. Each subsequent pup that became part of their pack was selected because they possessed characteristics that set the husky breed apart.


We took a risk when we welcomed 18-month-old Benny into our family. This gorgeous boy had been severely abused and his wooly coat was not as popular as the standard length seen in most huskies at the time. With patience and kindness Benny and I forged an unbreakable bond and the popularity of wooly coats took off. Benny's progeny Grey Ghost Phoenix is listed in numerous pedigrees throughout the United States as many wanted to incorporate wooly coats into their breeding programs. In Aluesha and Benny we found the perfect balance of beauty and temperament.


Fourteen years have passed but time has not diminished the allure of this enchanting breed. What first drew me in was their striking resemblance to wolves but what took hold of my heart is the very nature of these amazing dogs. They are sensitive, kind, stubborn, goofy, vocal but above all, they are loyal. They have this undying, unconditional love that I have not found in any other breed, the love they give you is just different. They seem almost human to me, they are my therapist and my secret keeper. I may not be able to understand what they're saying with my ears, but I can feel it with my heart. And I know they understand me too. They are patient, understanding, loving, and have many quirks that make you laugh until your belly aches. Gypsy constantly sticks her tongue out at me, Patch literally with throw his entire body into me when he wants love or when I'm sad…
With the fortuitous acquisition of Aluesha's progeny, Gypsy, and strict adherence to my parents philosophy of elevating the breed we have created an unrivaled breeding program. Dreams rarely do come true but in this case reality far exceeded all of my expectations. The gorgeous, good natured pups in our pack are beyond anything I ever imagined. Take a look at our exceptional pups and you are sure to find the husky you have been dreaming of.